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  • How do I join group Pilates classes at Core Moves?
    We require new members to complete in a minimum of five private sessions before joining group classes to ensure safety and fairness for all participants. We offer a discounted Welcome Package of private sessions for new members only. The first session will consist of a movement analysis by our certified instructors, orientation to the equipment and introduction to Pilates exercise. You can sign up and schedule your sessions through our website. We look forward to seeing you!
  • What should I expect from a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation?
    A pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation typically begins with a review of your symptoms, medical history, and goals. Then your therapist will perform a movement analysis and exam to assess how the movement system is functioning to identify areas that we can work on together. An internal pelvic exam is the gold standard for evaluating the pelvic floor; however, it is entirely your decision as to whether you choose to participate in this portion of the assessment or not. In pelvic floor PT we do not use a speculum or stirrups, just one gloved, lubricated finger. We will provide some information on exercises that you can get started with and then discuss a plan for follow-up as needed.
  • How many sessions of PT will I need?
    The answer to this question is very person dependent, meaning it varies based on severity and chronicity of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle, as well as goals. What do you want to get back to? How far are we from that target? These are factors to consider when determining how much PT is warranted. That being said, we aim to get you better, faster. We will work with you to establish a plan of care that is efficient and effective.
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