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Our Patients Say

"After developing chronic pain I never thought I would be able to leave my house again, but since working at Core Moves I have been able to go on a company retreat across country, play Top Golf, throw axes, and sit and walk for hours. Feeling hopeful about life again!"

-Core Moves member since 2022



"Brittany is amazing and will help change your life for the better. Extremely smart and knowledgeable about the human body (both male and female) and genuinely cares about helping people get and stay healthy."


"Brittany is an amazing instructor! I never thought I would be able to do Pilates, but with her one on one sessions she’s helped me come a long way in a short amount of time. She modifies workouts to match my ability and work toward my personal goals. I love it so much!"


"I had my first lesson at Core Moves recently and was completely blown away. I’d tried Pilates once before and didn’t think it was for me, but WOW, a class here is a whole different league. It was a lot of fun, and I left feeling refreshed and energized. I wish I could take classes with Brittany every single day!"


"I first interacted with Brittany as my pelvic floor physical therapist. I was having some chronic bladder issues postpartum and after visiting many medical professionals, she was by far, the most helpful. She educated me about my body and helped my condition improve greatly. Just understanding how my body worked was so empowering! I recently got to go to some pilates sessions with Brittany and she is an amazing instructor. She is a clear communicator, warm, and welcoming. I highly recommend her, she’s the best!"


"An experience like no other. I have had life-long flexibility issues which lead to recurring injury. When I scheduled I was not sure what to expect and Brittany evaluated about every joint in my body! She determined exactly what my issues were and then she showed me exercises to target those areas and had me practice them with her to ensure I was doing them safely and effectively. I have never felt so validated for my concerns and so encouraged that I can make process! I can not think of a single person that would not benefit from a mobility evaluation like this. Brittany knows her stuff! Would recommend!"


"This was my first time doing pilates and I will say I was intimidated. I did an equipment class with Brittany, and the first thing you'll notice is how at ease she makes you feel. She gradually introduced me to the equipment and with all the pilates moves she shows you, she makes personalized, specific changes to your form to help you get your best burn and work out. I highly recommend seeing Brittany whether you are a novice or expert!"


"Brittany is awesome with her knowledge, cues and supporting me where I am in the session. My left hip pain is greatly improved. Highly recommend! As my sessions with Brittany progress I feel more confident in my walking and overall ability to be pain free with all activities. It's so freeing and enabling! I am gaining control again of my body and returning to things that bring me joy. Really looking forward to our continued sessions as I feel the sky's the limit!!"


"I have been doing Pilates elsewhere for more than 2.5 years and was surprised to get so many helpful tips about proper and safe body position in one session. I appreciated the care Brittany takes to ensure the workout is within the limits of my capability. Great fun! Very professional! Highly recommended!"

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