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Does your Pelvic Floor PT look like this?

Our Physical Therapy Clinic

Always see an expert rather than a generalist.

At Core Moves we specialize in pelvic health. Our experts are Board-Certified Doctors of Physical Therapy and have advanced certifications so you can expect to receive the highest quality care.

Never share your appointment with another patient.

All physical therapy is one-on-one in a private and quiet treatment space rather than in a busy gym.

Experience full-body pelvic floor rehabilitation rather than just "Kegels."

Learn how the pelvic floor works with the rest of the body and vice versa so you can stop doing Kegels and get back to your daily life without pain or leakage.

Participate in fitness classes that support your progress rather than the same 5 home exercises over and over.

The Core Moves Wellness Studio offers Pilates-based fitness classes that promote pelvic health. Reach your goals, maintain your progress, and have fun while doing it!

Have your concerns validated, never dismissed.

Your voice matters. At Core Moves you will leave your appointments feeling heard. We are here to listen, support, and problem-solve together.

Work on what matters to you and experience a change on your first session.

We all want results as fast as possible. If we are having pain, we want it gone yesterday. If we are leaking with exercise, we want it to stop now! What do you want out of today? Let's make it happen together.

What We Treat

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